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Topic: Completing the square
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Subject:   Completing the square
Author: jon
Date: Jan 27 2004
This applet has a very good procedural description of how to complete the
square.  It breaks the process into three nice sections with which a student
should be familiar: introduction to the forms, procedure, and necessary

The fact that the user could type in whatever coefficients they wanted was a
great feature.  And that it re-did the problem according to which ever
coefficients you chose.  Also,I thought that it was nice that they showed you
step by step what the procedure was.  Although with all the variables floating
around, students may get lost if they don't know what they're looking for.

I don't think this should be used in substitution to actually teaching the
concept.  This would be a good applet to use in conjunction with having
introduced Completing the Square already in class.  That way, the students would
have foreknowledge of what they need to do, as opposed to simply reading off a
list of instructions to follow.

It would be nice to see a future applet incoroporate problems where perfect
square form is necessary vs. polynomial form.  If it could be modeled by real
life situations, even better.

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