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Topic: Problem about a Parallelogram
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Subject:   Problem about a Parallelogram
Author: Jeanette E. Horng
Date: Mar 16 2004

In my education class, we have advocated exploration and self-discovery.  Many
of the lessons we create are centered around the students'ability to control and
discover different things on their own.  So, I have been looking for tools that
can help with this.

With this tool, students are able to manipulate the parallelogram in order to
see how the center quadrilateral, EFGH, is affected by changing the size and
angles of the larger quadrilateral.

Students may be able to conjecture ideas, however, I feel like there is no proof
behind it.  Their ideas may not have mathematical backing and they may not truly
understand why it works.  Also, it promote more exploration, they should be able
to move around some more points to see more situations.

Otherwise, this tool may be a good beginning class activity, in order to get
students thinking about things like angle bisectors and parallelograms.

Any other ideas?  Let me know :)


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