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Topic: web seminar 'Automatic assessment of mathematics'

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Subject:   web seminar 'Automatic assessment of mathematics'
Author: mathew
Date: Oct 15 2012
Transforming Assessment Webinar Next Live Session - Automatic assessment of

*** This sessions is free - please forward to colleagues ***

Professor Geoffrey Crisp (RMIT University, Australia) and Dr Mathew Hillier
(University of Queensland, Australia) invite you to

Wednesday, 7 November 2012 "Automatic assessment of mathematics"

Presenter: Dr Christopher Sangwin (University of Birmingham, UK)

In this session Chris will describe and demonstrate a new question type for the
Moodle quiz (using STACK) which is designed to assess mathematics. The basic
design requires students to respond with an algebraic expression, rather than
using multiple choice questions. Using this free, open source technology we
* randomly generate versions of problems;
* establish the properties of any answers;
* generate outcomes, such as feedback.
We argue why this leads to a much wider range of valid assessments in
methods-based courses and mathematical subjects.
We also consider changes in student behaviour as a result of this work.
Underlying the assessment process is a library of computer algebra functions
which are used to establish the mathematical properties of students' answers.
For example, establishing that the student's answer is the "same" as the
teacher's. We will will briefly discuss both theoretical and practical issues
associated with this in the context of the design goals and practical decisions
made in developing the 'System for Teaching and Assessment using a Computer
algebra Kernel' (STACK) computer-aided assessment system.
Lastly, we consider how free-form logical arguments might be assessed in the
Audience participation and the sharing of experiences is encouraged.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012 at 07:00AM GMT (Duration approx 1 hour).
See your equivalent local time at:

A countdown timer is also available at
A recording of the session will be published after the event.

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'rsvp at'
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'RSVP webinar 7 nov 2012'
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