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Topic: e-Assessment in numerate disciplines with 'Numbas'

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Subject:   e-Assessment in numerate disciplines with 'Numbas'
Author: mathew
Date: Mar 19 2013
Transforming Assessment webinar session - 3 April 2013

"Releasing the power of the web. A completely client-side approach to
e-learning and e-assessment in numerate disciplines"

This session introduces Numbas: a new and unique SCORM-2004 compliant
open-source and multi-platform e-assessment and e-learning system
developed at Newcastle University (UK) that is extensively used there as well at
other UK universities. The session covers the unique features of Numbas, the
advantages that follow from its design, the rationale for its design along with
a comparison with other open-source assessment systems. Plans for the future
development of Numbas within a community of users are also explored.

Presenters: Christian Perfect, Bill Foster and Anthony Youd (Newcastle
University, UK)

Hosted by: Professor Geoffrey Crisp (RMIT University, Australia) and Dr Mathew
Hillier (Teaching and Educational Development Institute, University of
Queensland, Australia).

Starting 07:00AM UST/GMT (Duration approx 1 hour).
See your equivalent local time at
A recording of the session will be published after the event.

The session is free, please RSVP via

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