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Topic: PowerPoint uses

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Subject:   PowerPoint uses
Author: njh
Date: Oct 7 2006
Okay, I agree about the reading of slides.  However, I use ppt for Jeopardy (I
can change the number of categories, the point amounts, etc.), for displaying
graphics that might work better on an overhead, if I had one that worked!, and
for keeping me on track with various activities.  I teach ninth grade Algebra
and my students range in age from 14 to 17.  They generally enjoy using ppt,
when it is useful to them, such as knowing what the next activity is, etc.  It
is also useful as a timing device that does keep the students on track!  (Use
the automatic timing option and put large numbers on the slides -- not
complicated, but definitely a winner with the kids.)  I find the more that I use
it, the more ideas I get, and the better I integrate it with other methods of
delivering information!  BTW, one of the most useful features for me right now,
is to have one or more slides with links to United streaming or other video
clips, etc.
new orleans
Priestley School of Architecture and Construction

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