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Topic: The Whole Number Cruncher
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Subject:   The Whole Number Cruncher
Author: Jeanette E. Horng
Date: Apr 9 2004

The Whole Number Cruncher is a friendly way of showing students how to deal with
inputs and outputs.  I kept experimenting with different numbers as the game
would call for more and more speculation.  I think this tool correlates well
with the NCTM standards.  It seems to allow students to explore and see the
relationship between numbers through generalization.

What I like about this tool the most is that it doesn't allow you to just have
one trial.  When I came up with a generalization for this, it told me that I may
be correct, but I do not know for sure that the pattern will always be so with
so little data.  This is a key concept showing that the more data taken, the
more accurate the experiement is likely to get.  This could really help students
understand the reason we use trials.  Students will also be able to manipulate
and see relationships between numbers.


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