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Topic: Interesting, potentially useful
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Subject:   Interesting, potentially useful
Author: mmckelve
Date: Mar 10 2004
Tool Page:

This tool seems like it could be very useful for teaching multiplication.  You
get a very real sense of the relationship between x and y and a couple of
multiplicative operations (squaring and multiplying, specifically) displayed on
a graph.  I like how they provide the 1x1 block and the 5x1 block to help you
visualize with concrete numbers, instead of limiting you to the abstract symbols
"x" and "y."  A useful extension would be to allow blocks of arbitrary
(user-entered) width & height, but that's not really necessary; the 2 that
they provide are sufficient.  Overall, this tool took a minute for me to warm up
to, because I didn't really grasp what the heck I was supposed to be doing with
it, but I eventually figured it out and enjoyed playing with it.


Posted for George Reese's C&I 336 Class, Spring 2004

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