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Topic: tool: Falling Object
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Subject:   tool: Falling Object
Author: Steve Zoerb
Date: Jan 27 2004
Since I am in physics as well as math, I am particularly interested in
applications that combine mathematics and science subject matter.  The "Falling
Object" applet is a good idea.  The graphic is cute, and the middle column is
nice for observing very specific data points.  I like that it can be put in a
graph format.  I have several additional ideas that could possibly make the tool
more useful.  For instance: rather than applying a set degree polynomial for the
curve, there could be a place for the students to attempt to fit the curve using
their own function derived from physics formulas.  It would also be nice to have
units involved in the measurements--I am assuming that this is in meters and
seconds.  Using the variable "x" for time (instead of "t") may be confusing for
some students.  "x" is usually used to represent distance in physics curricula.
I also had a few problems with the graphics when I scrolled down, and with the
program continuously looping.  Furthermore, I do not notice any difference when
I change the value in the "Measurement Error" box.

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