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Topic: Computer Mastermind
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Subject:   Computer Mastermind
Author: Julee
Date: Apr 27 2004

At first when I saw this I was pretty excited about Mastermind on the computer
because I always liked to play mastermind but I never wanted to be the person
who just had to analyze the answer.  I always wanted to be the guesser.  With
this applet the only user is the guesser.  

One can choose the number of colors being used and it is fairly easy to use the
computer to think through a guess.  The user can click on a secific peg prior to
choosing a color so the color will go in the intended spot.  And if a color is
in the wrong spot, one click deletes it.  It also is nice that there is the
option to turn off the automatic submission so one can make sure all previous
responses to guesses are being used in the new guess before the computer
evaluates the guess.  

I was quite surprised that the user only had 8 guesses.  I would think with
computer technology we would want a user to be able to guess as many times as
they needed.  After 8 guesses the correct answer is automatically shown.  When I
was really considering the results I typically only needed 4 or 5 guesses with 5
colors but some users may need more.  Further, the computer could allow us (but
does not) to scoll through a multitude of guesses to find out where our thinking
went wrong.    


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