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Topic: Tool: Tangrams
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Subject:   Tool: Tangrams
Author: Steve
Date: May 12 2004

The first time I saw this applet, I played with it so much that I didn't have
time to write about it-I apologize for that.  I've always enjoyed tangrams
because I like hands-on exercises.  This tool is nice, because you can use the
tangrams without worrying about losing any pieces.  I especially liked the
activity "make a square using 6 pieces," because this question is very
open-ended and I had to finally prove to myself why it is impossible.  It IS
impossible, right????  Anyway, I can think of a few things to improve upon the
1. Make it so that students have the option of using multiple sets at once.
This could make many more, elaborate shapes possible.
2. Have a place that you can download more of the puzzle outlines.  Or, even
make a way for students to create their own puzzles for each other!  That could
be a really fun activity, especially if they could use multiple sets.

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