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Topic: Tool: Geoboard - Coordinate
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Subject:   Tool: Geoboard - Coordinate
Author: Steve
Date: May 12 2004

Again, I like the hands-on experience that geoboards give students.  Here, you
don't have to worry about rubber bands breaking.  Combining a geoboard with a
coordinate system was a great idea.  The cyber-rubber bands can be a little
hard to control if they overlap each other.  I like that you can pick a shape,
and the computer will give you the values for perimeter and area.  I thought the
reflection activity was pretty creative, and the parallelogram inside a
quadrilateral was excellent.  Asking students why this construciton always works
would have to be the next question for extending the exercise.  I can only think
of two improvements:
1. Allow for the possibility of using a larger board (with more pegs).
2. Create more activities like the parallelogram one, with extension questions
to supplement them.

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