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Topic: Turtle Geometry
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Subject:   Turtle Geometry
Author: jon
Date: Feb 11 2004

This was an intersting applet.  The student basically gets to move the turtle
around obstacles and mazes by moving it forwards and turning it in various
degrees.  It was a fun challenge for me to get through some of the mazes,
although I was kind of discouraged that there was no resolution to the maze.
The program didn't go on to another maze nor did it tell me that I completed it.
Also, it didn't stop when I had hit a wall, it just kept on going, which was a
little annoying.

This would be a good applet for developing students spatial reasoning.  The
connections to the standards say that it's for number and operations which I
guess I could see when you're estimating the distance you need to make the
turtle go.  It's a good idea for students to be able to have these skills of
spatial relationships and planning things out.  They have to have a little bit
of forsight to see what they need to have the turtle do.

It was a cool feature to have you're turtle capable of turning 15, 30, 45, 60,
75, or 90 degrees, it gives the student a lot of freedom in how he wants the
turtle to move.  Using this, one could be able to perhaps make some designs for
the student to create using the turtles path.  A lot like how you use tangrams
to make different pictures.  Although, if you had something where the design was
in the center, you'd have to program some way of erasing the turtles tracks
until you got to the point where you started your design, since the turtle
always starts in the upper right corner.

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