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Topic: Patterns Applet
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Subject:   Patterns Applet
Author: Rosa
Date: Mar 9 2004

I like this patterns applet better than the patterns blocks better because this
applet "names" each of the patterns. However, I should mention I am not sure how
much this is apporpriate for children this age. For example, for triangle is
named as "corresponds to one sixth or 1/6 when hexagon is one whole, or one unit
when hexagon corresponds to 6 nits." I don't know if this is an appropriate
definition for a student in kindergarten. I think there would be a lot of
explaing to do for teacher at the kindergarten level. How can these definitions
be accompanied in a lesson to make children understand hexagon, 1/6, unit etc.?

Is patterns applet intended to be introduce after the blocks?

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