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Topic: fraction pieces
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Subject:   fraction pieces
Author: Tony Lee
Date: May 5 2004
I thought this tool can be a powerful resource, but also could be little bit
confusing for some students. Students can learn how different size of fractions
can add up to certain size of fractions, and its relationship with the whole. It
took me a while to figure out how to rotate the fractions, but it was easy after
learning where to click. One thing could be confusing is that when you overlap
different fractions, the outlines of wholes are displayed the same. For example,
if you put a 1/6 fraction over a 1/2 fraction and show the value of the rest, it
still shows as 1/2, not 1/3. Maybe the main purpose of this tool is different.
Still, I think this tool will be useful if you carefully instruct students how
to use it.

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