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Topic: coin toss
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Subject:   coin toss
Author: Tony Lee
Date: May 5 2004
One reason of using computer based tool is that it could save time on repetitive
works. Sometimes, this repetitive procedure is important for students. But it
often distracts students from the real concepts they should focus on.
Coin tossing tool simplifies this repetitive process and lets students focus on
the output of the collected data. Students can directly observe how the
probability of heads is related to the result of tossing a coin, and develop a
concept of probability.
I think it would also be useful if the user can compare different sets of data
for example, one can put the number of tosses as 30, 60, and 90. If a user can
compare each set of data, it will help them to understand how the amount of data
influences the probability.

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