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Topic: Rectangle Division
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Subject:   Rectangle Division
Author: MikeE
Date: Feb 21 2004

Premise:  The number on the left side of the equal sign is the total number of
'blicks' (blue and red).

Objective: The number in black on the right side of the equal sign is the size
of the partition.  The student must use the black scroll bar and set it to the
black number on the right side.

The picture automatically shows the multiplier as a black number on the base of
the grid and the remainder as the height of red blicks to the right of the
little black number.  

The "TEST ME" feature is my favorite.  It is specific; it requires the student
to set the scroll to the size of share and from the corresponding picture fill
in the equation to indicate the multiplier (little black number) and remainder
(number of red blicks).  

I wish there were a feature that required the students to construct the area
model themselves by filling in the grid.  There would be a blue blick button
and a red blick button.  So for 33 = 9*3+6, the student would click the blue
button and make 3 rows of height 9 (rectangle) and 6 red blicks.  

I know there is another applet that does this in Mathtools, but if it could be
combined with this one, it would be fantastic.  As it is, I found great use for
this applet.  Tirosh (1990) found that preservice teachers had great difficulty
writing a measurement model for division problems.   This applet is a wonderful
example as to how meaningful it can be for students.

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Post a new topic to the tool: Rectangle Division discussion
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