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Topic: Marbles
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Subject:   Marbles
Author: jon
Date: Mar 15 2004

This is a cool tool to use for extension in probability.  It combines the
experimental probability with theoretical probability and gives multiple
representations of the frequency of events (namely, bar chart or pie graph).  I
think it lacks in some respects becuase there's no discussion on how they get
the theoretical probability, it's kinda assumed that you know how to get that.
So, I guess this would not be the best tool for students just learning the
concept.  Also, what would be REALLY helpful is if you could change the area
where you can choose between order matter and order does not matter to put next
to it, combination or permutation.  I do like the fact that you can change a lot
of variables.  It lets the kids play around with ideas they might have about

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