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Topic: Simple Maze Game
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Subject:   Simple Maze Game
Author: Eric Goolish
Date: Mar 2 2004
Tool page:

I found this tool to be interesting.  It seems to be good practice for a student
beginning to learn about coordinates and slopes from the origin to specific
coordinates in the first quadrant.  Although this applet seemed simple, adding
mines made it more challenging and worthwhile exercise.  

As a preservice teacher, I am not sure how this applet could play a significant
role in the classroom besides possibly using it to introduce

The applet is a nice tool because it eliminates the use for graph paper and
students drawing out specific obstacles.  With the computer, it is obvious
whether a line is draw correctly or if it hits a mine (there is no discretion).
However, this activity seems like it could be more interactive and beneficial
for students if they were able to create this simulation by hand.  Allowing
groups to create a similar activity by hand could create autonomy and a sense of
meaning for students.

University of Illinois - C&I 336 -

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