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Topic: Abacus applet
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Subject:   Abacus applet
Author: Jon
Date: Feb 3 2004
In all of my years in primary and secondary schooling, I never once touched an
abacus.  However, I was taught some basic abacus use at a Chinese Language
school I attended when I was growing up.  Looking back I think it'd be great to
be able to spend a day or part of the day exploring the historical and cultural
context of mathematics.

It's a pretty basic applet, I mean, it's pretty much just a calculator.  The
NCTM standard that it's linked to is Number and Operations grades 6-8.  But I
think ANY math class would benefit from learning a little more about perhaps
beginnings of Chinese mathematical history, just to spice things up a bit.

It's a good applet in that you don't have to go out and actually spend however
much it is for 30+ abacuses.  So, financially, it's a nice tool so that the
class can just go to the comp. lab instead.  

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