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Topic: Wash State - EALRs, GLEs, Grade 7

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Subject:   Wash State - EALRs, GLEs, Grade 7
Author: Jeff L
Date: Aug 10 2005

WASL Grade 7 Benchmarks, Item Specifications and Grade Level Expectations

This is my most current revision of the Washington State Standards redone in a
searchable format which shows the interrelationships of the title items. The
original purpose was to actually see the connections between the learning
requirments and the test specifications.  With the addition and revision of the
Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) a new part was added. When the GLE number is
clicked, it will show the bracketed GLEs - i.e., 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th

The most useful feature of my original document was the addition of the 'Power
Search' simply because some terms did not show up in the surface document.
While some of this has been corrected by the state, this is still the most
powerful feature. One particular place this becomes important is the
relationships between the sub benchmarks. As an example, do a power search using
the sub-number 1.1.1

The results will show any listed cross references in other benchmarks - can be
very handy for lesson planning.

All information comes from the Office of the Superintendent of Public
Instruction. The words are all theirs. The OSPI website is

Again, this document was developed for my use in the classroom - Since it is
here on-line anyway, please feel free to use it if it helps.

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