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Topic: Group for Statisticians has formed. Request to join
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Subject:   Group for Statisticians has formed. Request to join
Author: madan
Date: Oct 28 2005
I have  started a new group name "Statisticians_group" in the yahoo group for
statisticians or the persons who are interested in statistics. The URL is
I am happy to announce that the group has already more than 100 members though
it is less than 10 days old. Hope you will also become a member of this gorup
very soon.
My purpose is to make a platform where all the students, scientists and the
other people interested in statistics can discuss, exchange information,
knowledge and experience among each other. There are many problem we face when
we are dealing with statistics regarding  both theory and its application using
software. this group targets to slove this problem.
I have already uploaded 15 tutorials on statistical genetics, Design of
Experiments, Data mining and also on Introductory statistics. They are either
word document file or pdf file or some powerpoint represetations.
I have also uploaded two seminars on "Estimation of Genetic Parameters of Growth
Curve Parameters" and Statistical Analysis of DNA fingerprinting". Both of these
are document files.
I have also uploaded around 95 photos of different eminent statisticians.
Regarding myself, I am Madan Gopal Kundu from New Delhi, India pursuing
presently Ph.d. on Statistical Modelling. I keep interests in Regression
analysis, statistical modelling, Statistical Genetics and Design of
All the statisticians who are scientists or the students or the people who keeps
interest on this subject are coordially invited to join in this group.
Hope you will join the group as early as possible and you will enjoy.
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