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Discussion: All Topics in Probability & Statistics
Topic: Teaching Statistics: Differentiating and Simulating

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Subject:   RE: Teaching Statistics: Differentiating and Simulating
Author: Mathman
Date: Jan 9 2005
On Sep  7 2004, Craig wrote:
> I teach Stats in a high school; some of my students are concurrently
> enrolled in their second year of Calculus, and some come into Stats
> right after passing Algebra 2 as the easiest way to complete their
> math requirement.  Does anyone have ideas about differentiating
> instruction for such a wide range of interest and ability?

> textbook I chose is heavily into "simulation," so there are several
> MathTools (mostly Java applets) I have used.  I also have students
> use spreadsheets, calculators, and statistical software routinely.
> Any ideas about particularly effective activities involving
> technology?

It has been my experience, especially talking to students afterwards, that stats
does not follow as directly from earlier work or thought processes as readily as
does calculus.  That is to say that there are thsoe who did not do so well
earlier wo see m to shine in stats, and also there are those who exhibit
behaviour to the contrary.  It seems that some can "see" what a particular
problem is asking, while others have inordinate difficulty.

Software:  Have you tried "Fathom", Key College publishing?  It is exceptional,
I think.  You will find resources through Google: Fathom statistics examples
...keywords might help in the search.


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