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Discussion: All Tools in Math 7
Topic: Tool usage sites

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Subject:   RE: Tool usage sites
Author: Craig
Date: Mar 3 2005
Look under "Activities" in the Math Tools catalog for some.  I have three
activities built around two or more tools: is a "web quest" exploring proofs of the
Pythagorean theorem (catalogued in MathTools) uses two tools built into an
activity I wrote for my Statistics students (also catalogued in MathTools) lists several tools built into a
probability exploration (not yet catalogued in MathTools; I don't think it's
quite ready for dissemination).

In the WebCT site for my Algebra 1 course, I post url's of tools we have used in
class, or may be of interest to the students.  As MathTools does, I like to use
a small .gif "icon" to show the students what to expect.  I have seen a (small)
number of my 23 students make use of this feature...

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