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Discussion: All Topics in Geometry
Topic: Is a rhombus a kite?

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Subject:   RE: Is a rhombus a kite?
Author: Craig
Date: May 5 2005
I checked 8 different Geometry texts, ranging in publication date from
mid-1970's up through 2002.  Three made no mention of kites (oldest AND
newest), three defined a kite as a quadrilateral with "distinct pairs of
congruent sides," and the other two added the stipulation "such that opposite
sides are not congruent."

I think the answer is: you decide what you want a kite to be (maybe agreeing
with the author of your textbook, if s/he offers one, would be best for your
students).  I personally prefer the non-exclusive definition (consistent with
my stance on rhombi) that would classify a rhombus and a square as kites.

Another definition (the one I thought of first, but I don't know that it would
be in print): a quadrilateral such that at least one of the diagonals is a
perpendicular bisector of the other diagonal.

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