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Discussion: All Tools
Topic: Demise of Green Globs

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Subject:   RE: Demise of Green Globs
Author: Mathman
Date: Jul 27 2005
On Jul 26 2005, ihor wrote:

Thank you, Ihor, for the comprehensive explanation.  I'm still left wondering
though ... and I am most definitely not knocking the fine effort put into that
program, just wondering about comparative results.  What grade and level is it
aimed at?

What does the program do that another, like Graphmatica, free for those who can
admittedly not afford to register, will not?  I appears to me that there needs
to be a foreknowledge before playing the game, and that the foreknowledge is the
ultimate goal.  That can be reached with the other academic aspects of the
program, as it is using Graphmatica for example.  How does it differ in that
sense?  I have a feeling from my own teaching background that, although it's
great for those who have gained any insight already through the academic study,
those who get frustrated with the mathematics might not gain with random
application, but perhaps experience more frustration.  

I'm reminded of the game Sokoban.  Incredibly clever, but the long and short of
it is that you need to think your way through before making the first move.  Not
all are good at that, and it does not necessarily improve with practice.  My own
downfall is the game Boggle.  I get all the words[?], and go over it with a
microscope.  Then I find I've missed at least one.

I'll take another look.


>It's available from Sunburst - see

> Don't let the cute title lead you astray. The full title is Green
> Globs and Graphing Equations which means it includes a tool
> component. This is one of the best math software programs  of its
> kind ever written.

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