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Discussion: All Tools
Topic: Demise of Green Globs

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Subject:   RE: Demise of Green Globs
Author: Mathman
Date: Aug 4 2005
On Jul 29 2005, Susan wrote:
> I am jumping in late, but I catalogued the "Zap
> It"  game at:
> Math Tools.

This is very similar to Green Globs.

Would you please explain something to me?  I'd like to recommend this, and am
indeed recommending the Mathtools site as a whole, but need more information.
Perhaps im missing the point [pun intended], but isn't there likely to be a lot
of guesswork involved?  What is expected of the student besides guessing a
possibly large number of possibilities?  If there is work to be done on paper to
determine maximum effect of one graph, before actually drawing the graph, then
what is the advantage of the game please?  That is, what exactly is being
taught/learned? The likely parameters [3] of a general quadratic to pass through
some given points?  What is the likelihood of being correct in one's choices?
What type of work/study precedes and specifically perpares for success in the



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