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Discussion: All Tools
Topic: Demise of Green Globs

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Subject:   RE: Demise of Green Globs
Author: Alan Cooper
Date: Aug 6 2005
On Aug  5 2005, Mathman wrote:
> Question:  Would this exercise follow a study in which the curve has
> already been studied, and some sense of placement of the curve has
> been determined by variation of parameters?
I agree with you that without dynamic response to the sliders the game would be
too frustrating for someone who hadn't already been introduced to the properties
of quadratic function graphs. But with dynamic response I think even a naive
user could have some success and maybe even notice some facts about the effects
of changing the parameters. I'll be off on a canoe trip next week but after that
I'll be trying to add more explanation to my version and I'd appreciate your
feedback as to whether I've made it clear enough.

> All said and done,it's a game, so let us all simply have fun and
> get out of it what we can.


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