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Subject:   RE: PLEASE HELP!
Author: gagi
Date: Feb 10 2006
On Feb  9 2006, Yehia wrote:
> On May 17 2004, Hugh wrote:
> I am completly lost when it comes to
> "slope of a line."  Can anybody
> help?

Draw two perpendular (x-
> y) axes in the middle of a sheet of paper. With a ruler draw few ( 3
> 0r 4) lines on the sheet of paper. Each line makes an angle with the
> positive x-axis. If this angle is between 0 and 90, the slope of the
> line is positive (+). If the angle is 90, the slope is undefined
> (infinite), and if the angle is between 90 and 180, the slope is
> negative.

Actuakky the slope of a line is the tangent of the
> angle the line makes with the positive x-axis.
I have discovered it makes more sense with the students if you refer to reading
the slope of a line just like reading a book.  We normally read from left to
right.  When looking at the graph of a line read the line from left to right.
If it is going uphill the line has a positive slope.  If the line is going
downhill it has a negative slope.  If the line is straight across is has a zero
slope and if the line is straight up and down it has no slope.  I have found the
website to be very and I do mean very useful for explaining
slope to Algebra students.  I hope this helps.  Sandra Mondy

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