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Discussion: All Activities in Calculus on Computer Algebra System
Topic: Intigration

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Subject:   RE: Intigration
Author: Alan Cooper
Date: May 5 2006
On May  5 2006, Si wrote:
> I appologise if my question has been answered by someone in the
> past, but is this forum mainly for high school related mathematic
> discussion?
There's nothing in the MathTools 'About' page that suggests that, and 'Calculus'
*is* one of the options identified in the 'Browse' pulldown for courses. Also
the Math Forum definitely serves all levels from Elementary through Research. On
the other hand it is true that most of the participants in these discussions
appear to be teaching in (or teaching teachers for) the K-12 system. But the
topic of this thread puts it pretty much outside that range so I would expect it
to be of interest primarily to College and University people, or to those
involved with AP or enrichment courses at the Grade12 level.

I guess the moderators will tell us if the topic is out of range, but I hope
they are not too restrictive as I see many of the tools being discussed as
useful well into the College curriculum.

> ...

> Now back to symbolic algebra.
>... 1) Can there be a closed form solution ?

It really depends on what we mean by "closed form". If it means as a finite
expression in terms of the usual "elementary" functions then the answer for this
example is "no", but we have seen that with the introduction of the (not really
too exotic) "exponential integral" functions the answer would be "yes".
>... 2) If the answer is NO, then there is no other  way but
> to attack it via Numerical Methods. ...

To say "there is no other way" always invites a response.
What about power series for example?


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