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Discussion: All Topics in Geometry
Topic: Smartboard and Geometric Constructions

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Subject:   RE: Smartboard and Geometric Constructions
Author: Mathman
Date: Aug 31 2006
On Aug 30 2006, ihor wrote:
>I'm only talking about points whose order pairs
> satisfy the equation that is represented by the line.

My apologies.   I had thought the discussion was about Euclidean

>I think we
> have strayed from the orginal point which Susan answers very well in
> an another reply to the Smartboard question.

Agreed, and I agree with her point on that also.  However, I still stress the
need for "finesse".  Students, still having open minds about what they see and
absorb, need to see from the start what is as close to the reality [albeit
abstract] as possible.  So I comment again that drawn lines should be as thin as
is reasonable, and not be thick blotches.  If that were the only means of
drawing constructions on that medium, I would abandon it, momentarily, in that
case in favour of something more favourable.


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