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Discussion: All Topics in Geometry
Topic: Smartboard and Geometric Constructions

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Subject:   RE: Smartboard and Geometric Constructions
Author: ihor
Date: Sep 1 2006
Hi Michael,

> But if you don't connect the "steps," someone could hurt themselves
> climbing the staircase. You should know that, Ihor. :^)

That sounds like something one of my former middle school students said after I
red-marked his graph. Could it have been you? No, not possible... I've seen
your picture. You are much older than I am. :-)


On Aug 30
> 2006, ihor wrote:
There is nothing wrong as long as it
> doesnt lead to the kinds of misconceptions that I observed in my
> years of teaching middle school math, namely, the habit of
> connecting points with lines on coordinate grid without thinking
> about whether the points in between should be included in the graph.
> > A common example I remember was connecting the endpoints of a step
> > graph. Graphing postage rates for a given weight comes to mind.
> -Ihor

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