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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: home work

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Subject:   RE: home work
Author: GFazzari
Date: Oct 7 2006
Several years ago, I implemented the following system.  

I give homework every day.  If a student does not turn in their homework, they
are required to stay after school to finish it.  It is not punishment - since
they could not find the time and place to do their homework, I find it for them.
As soon as thier work is done, they are free to go, although the homework is
marked down a grade.  Most students find the time and place during the day
because they do not want to stay after.  Others simply come in, finish and go.

If they choose to not come after school to finish, then I give them the benefit
of the doubt, and allow them until the test to turn it in.  If by test-time
there are any assignments not turned in, they will get a one hour detention.
The detention is NOT because they did not do their homework, but because they
did not come in to finish it when they were asked to.  

Conscientious students who happen to have a game and/or other function, and/or
visitors and thus do not have their homework done are not required to stay after
- they simply come to explain themselves, and I give them an extra day.

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