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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: home work

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Subject:   RE: home work
Author: Craig
Date: Oct 9 2006
On Sep 21 2006, murali99 wrote:
> getting the students to complete the assignments and home works are
> getting difficult day after day. Any ideas to get it done asily?

While this is a legitimate question worthy of discussion among teaching
professionals, and has raised a heated debate in this forum, I'm not sure all
the responses are particularly relevant to "Math Tools."  Many of the
respondants to the original question offered insights from a variety of
perspectives, but few (if any?) of the responses involved tool usage.  While
some homework might be conducive to using technology, it is clear to me that the
value in homework comes from thinking critically about a topic, and while that
can involve technology, often it doesn't--there is a question of whether
students have compatible software, or even access to a computer or graphing
calculator.  In the ideal world (which I'd like to think is the one occupied by
my students, but I realize it's not), students appreciate the value of thinking
and problem solving, and relish describing the process they use in homework to
reach a workable solution.  I can only try to nudge my students toward that
ideal world by making assignments geared toward that, and then assessing their
work in a way that clearly conveys my value system.

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