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Discussion: All Topics in Algebra
Topic: Algebra Textbook Recommendation

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Subject:   RE: Algebra Textbook Recommendation
Author: gerirose
Date: Jun 15 2007
On Jun 14 2007, Kenny C wrote:
> I work in a high school continuation program, where students need to
> be able to learn as much as they can from their textbooks.  They can
> come in and get help, but it is not a teacher directed classroom
> situation.  Please give me recommendations of what Algebra texts you
> feel would be most helpful for students in this situation.  Thanks!

If you want your students, even on their own, to learn more than procedure but
also ways of thinking about algebra and mathematics, I recommend Discovering
Algebra.  Although it may seem to be a non-traditional and need a little more
help from you, your students will end up with a solid foundation with which to
continue their studies,  geri a-n

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