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Discussion: All Topics in Algebra
Topic: Algebra Textbook Recommendation

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Subject:   RE: Algebra Textbook Recommendation
Author: addisonhitch
Date: Jun 29 2007
       I started teaching Saxon curriculum in 1985.  I had been in the classroom
teaching various sciences for fifteen years.  Then I spent three years in
administration.  Among other things, I had to find math teachers.  Trying to
find one was so frustrating I decided it would be easier to be one.  I met John
Saxon and he made so much sense to me that I bought his thinking and began to do
his method.
       I have taught all of the curriculum from Math 76 to Physics and Calculus.
I think I did something right.  Sam graduated from West Point two weeks ago.  He
told me in Algebra 2 that, "I just have to have enough math to get into THE
Acadamy." Sam finished Saxon's Calculus his senior year.  Saxon worked for him.
Nathan is about to graduate from the Fast Track Math program at the University
of Alabama.  He will have a double major.  One of them is Math. This student
told me in Algebra 2 that he wanted to be a paramedic. He said, "If I can just
get through this course I will never take math again."  Saxon worked for him. He
only finished Saxon Advanced Math. Then he was first in his college Calculus
class.  That got his full scholarship in the program for four more years.  Laura
Beth was also a home school student that I had the priviledge to work with
Algebra 1 through Calculus.  Her National Merit standing got her a full
room/board/tuition scholarship in Engineering at the University of Alabama.  She
was quite happy with the new laptop she was presented by the university as she
went in the first day.
         I do not think I am a particularly good teacher.  I am quite sure John
Saxon and his cohorts wrote some fairly good textbooks.  I just do my best to
encourage the young people who come through my door to do all of the practice.
I tell them regularly, "Please not leave until you know why you did each and
every problem. You must understand today's lesson to be able to do tomorrow's
lesson"  Their practice at home is half of the grade.  By the time they get to
the test the other half of the grade is a "piece of cake."
         Saxon works.  What else can I say?
I am forever just mean old Mr Hitchcock. But.. I really love my kids they make
me so proud.

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