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Discussion: All Topics in Algebra
Topic: Algebra Textbook Recommendation

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Subject:   RE: Algebra Textbook Recommendation
Author: markovchaney
Date: Jul 3 2007
You've pointed us to a video by a notorious anti-reform fanatic, Arthur Hu. He
is some sort of computer engineer who unsuccessfully ran for state
superintendent of instruction for the state of Washington and who has been
running attacks of Core Plus, Connected Mathematics, and TERC's INVESTIGATIONS
(along with other reform programs) for many years. His general approach is to
ridicule and dismiss these books by nit-picking, exaggeration, distortion, and
outright lying. Further, he attacks them for both being devoid of content AND
having "too much" content. If a topic is left out or treated in less depth, he
proclaims that is an essential one. If a topic not taught when he was in school
is included, he says it's too hard and irrelevant.

How can anyone he has chosen to hate (and I use that term advisedly) stand up to
his judgment? How can anyone he chooses to endorse (Saxon and Singapore Math,
predictably) fail to pass muster when he changes the rules to suit the

He is not a fair-minded critic. Nor is he incapable of understanding the
topics that he likes to dismiss as "too hard." But he loves to make out that
some things are beyond "even him," thus making it inconceivable that a kid could
get them. Of course, my son, twelve, can do lots of things and knows lots of
things I couldn't or didn't at his age. It's called "change." Arthur Hu and many
other reactionary and conservative critics of reform math don't believe there
SHOULD or CAN be change.

You wrote:

I can understand the frustration of parents who are using the new books. Take
look at this.
Funny and sad.

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