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Discussion: All Lesson Plans in Geometry on Sketchpad
Topic: Resourse Suggestions for Sketchpad

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Subject:   RE: Resourse Suggestions for Sketchpad
Author: hypatiam
Date: Jan 5 2008
Definitely check out Key Curriculum Press (I don't work for them, but since they
created Sketchpad and many resources for it, they have a lot of materials)...
check out the Sketchpad resources on their website - there are a lot of sample
activities available.

I have found that using the SmartBoard with any interactive media is well worth
it.  The kids get a kick out of it (especially if you give them 5-10 minutes
at the end of class to play around with it - supervised, of course), and if
you're doing any activity on the computer, rather than having to explain
something, you can demonstrate it or go through parts of the activity with them.
Because you're using your finger instead of a mouse, students that are less
technologically inclined will be able to see exactly how you do things.  One
suggestion... if you do something like Sketchpad with them, definitely have all
the steps to the activity written out... then your more tech advanced students
can work ahead by themselves while you're helping other kids.

Other things to check out/try...Gizmos ( - you will need
a subscription to do more than a 5 minute demo) - could also do a search for
java tools for math, search on the internet for Jeopardy review games (through
powerpoint), use smartboard to review tests (can load up MSWord files, then
markup using the pens), and you could use for anytime you do notes (can save a
copy to hand out to absent students - but there is a lag time when writing, so
it takes a while to get used to), definitely do a search on here (Math TOols)
for lessons...

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