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Discussion: All Topics in Geometry
Topic: Is a rhombus a kite?

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Subject:   RE: Is a rhombus a kite?
Author: patb
Date: Apr 21 2008
LFS wrote:  --------As far as I have been able to tell - we don't talk
about "kites" but rather "deltoids" and a deltoid by definition is a
quadrilateral with two pairs of congruent adjacent sides (whether or not
distinct depends on the book...).

My question: Does the "standard" definition of quadrilateral assume

I think in many high school geometry textbooks they will make some statement
early in the book that all polygons are to be assumed convex unless otherwise
I think this is a mistake, but I'm not sure I have convinced anyone to change
this approach.  
As for the name of the "concave kite" I have referred to it as a dart and
In the link I posted previously, I note that Proclus calls the dart shape a
four-sided triangle, and other ancients called it a "barb" or a
"hollow-angle".  Unfortunatly I did not make a note of where I picked up that
delicious bit of information, so use with caution.


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