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Discussion: All Activities
Topic: the use of technology

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Subject:   RE: the use of technology
Author: ihor
Date: May 7 2008
On May  7 2008, che wrote:
>Rather than
> make teaching easier, this tends to make teaching more powerful.
> Exteban

It certainly doesn't make it "easier" if you consider its learning curve an
issue. I'm intrigued with you saying that the tablet is a more powerful teaching
tool than that of the smartboard. Do you mean in combination with the smartboard
or independently? One aspect of the smartboard that I think is powerful is that
it offers an opportunity for the student to be the teacher and demonstrate
things to the class. I suppose you can have the student work with the tablet
without the tactile digital white board and the get same results. What's your
view on using it for student empowerment?
Thanks - Ihor

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