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Discussion: All Activities in Math 2
Topic: sudoku fractions edition

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Subject:   RE: sudoku fractions edition
Author: ruthy
Date: Jun 8 2009
Oh!  I just realized that you were making a puzzle for second graders.  

Even then... there would be merit to giving the fractions in a/b form and asking
the child to draw the picture instead of always writing the fraction.  You could
have one fourth of the grid show the fraction in a/b form, one fourth might have
the fraction drawn in a circle, one fourth drawn in rectangles, and the last
fourth drawn in set or discrete form.

I am also wondering if a puzzle for older students (4x4 or 9x9 grid) could be
made where the first row or column (can't be both) could be used for another
attribute of fractions, their value.  You could let the students know that all
the numbers in that row would be listed in increasing value.

In any case, your work has given us fertile ground.  Thanks!

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