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Discussion: All Tools on Computer
Topic: mental arithmetics

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Subject:   RE: mental arithmetics
Author: Algebra Anne
Date: Jul 5 2009
I use Math Blockout from the Critical Thinking Company. My seventh and eighth
graders love it! Very easy to learn.

It can be played at various levels of difficulty, starting with all positive
numbers then moving to integers and using order of operations.

We play in teams that alternate turns. Teams earn points by composing equations
that  block out surrounding squares. Since multiple equations work, students are
mentally trying many different possible solutions before deciding which will
earn the most points. We set a timer for 45 seconds. Both teams are working even
when it isn't their turn so that the second team gets points if first team is

Another nice feature is that in setting the game up, there's a choice between a
short, medium, or long game. If there are just five minutes to play, it's still

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