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Discussion: All Tools on JavaScript
Topic: Math Worksheet Generators

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Subject:   RE: Math Worksheet Generators
Author: Rod+1
Date: Jul 28 2009
Hi Sean,

If you want to generate activity sheets with numbers that are generated by the
software, then alternatives to Excel will require some coding. I use FLASH to
generate my activity sheets but there was quite a learning curve to get to this
stage as far as coding was is concerned. There may be an alternative that uses a
database of questions and draws from the database for the activity sheets.
Depending on how many questions you needed, this could take a long time.

I would tend to think that taking some time to learn a program such as FLASH and
the scripting language behind it would be of great value over time. Flash is
designed for web use and so keeps the generated files compact for the web.

Rod K

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