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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Virtual Reality Technology

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Subject:   Virtual Reality Technology
Author: Gayla Chandler
Date: Mar 16 2003
Does virtual reality technology bridge or try to bridge a gap between the
tactile, hands-on experience and the more exclusively mental aspects of using
a software program?  

I ask this because my stuff is almost entirely hands-on, very nearly
antithetical to technology.  Merits of using technology are clear, even to a
hands-on person like myself.  What would be really nice is to integrate them.
If virtual reality would not provide this, perhaps having a real-world,
hands-on counterpart to educational software would allow technology to play
its role while keeping the user grounded in the senses.  What I'm suggesting is
that using technology sets up a mind-body dichotomy where in large part the
body is left out, i.e., many of the parts of our experience that are felt and
perceived in a multitude of ways are left out when using technology.  

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