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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Topic 3 - Effective Use of Software

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Subject:   RE: assessing DM
Author: Alice
Date: Mar 16 2003
Hi Vance,
My initial evaluation of DM was that it was fantastic, so I charged ahead full
I should learn!

I thought my students were learning how to graph fast by using their graphing
I also liked the idea that students could choose hard medium or easy questions,
or I could, for each student.

I think there are not enough manipulatives on that program. I also think that
the rote level of the initial questions and the advanced level of the problems
they ask you to do should be reversed, if anything.  
I and most of my math teacher colleagues got the answers wrong during training,
what could we expect of students?
When we tested at the semester, I found students remembered nothing and did not
know how to write numbers on the axes properly spaced.
I  had to teach graphing linear equations all over again from scratch second
One thing I do try to do is teach for long term memory.

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