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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Round 2, Topic 1: Learn and Use Software

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Subject:   Learning and Using: Math Tools Organization
Author: Craig Russell
Date: Mar 24 2003
The format of the MathTools site looks VERY useful--categorization of tools by
course, resource type, topic, and platform.  I don't think it's fully debugged
yet, though... I tried out the PreCalculus links and got a list of all topics
and all items.  I was still able to look through the list and find interesting

I do have a suggestion about the "courses" listing, however.  As teachers,
schools, districts, and even states align curricula with NCTM standards, some of
the "traditional" course titles might no longer work--especially the Algebra 1
and Algebra 2 labels.  What about organizing this section along the lines of
NCTM's PSSM--including grade band designations (Calculus goes beyond PSSM, so
probably would deserve its own category; PreCalculus might, too)?  I teach in
Illinois, and the Illinois Learning Standards for math fit very nicely with
PSSM, but they don't specify what belongs in Math4, for instance.

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