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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Topic 1 - Effective Software

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Subject:   follow-up on introducing spreadsheets
Author: Suzanne
Date: Apr 18 2003
Hi Andy,

I just reread the thread on middle school spreadsheets that was prompted by your
question about how to maximize the use of your classroom computers.

I provided some ideas, Gail mentioned how she often has students work in pairs
to give each other feedback, and Ian suggested the "I'm a cell" activity which I
thought was really cool! I know my 7th graders would have found that an
interesting activity. I probably would have had one group demonstrate to the
class before trying to coordinate all 30+ of my students playing it together but
remembering that your class has about 16, it might just be manageable.

Anyway, my question is if you've been able to use any of the deas? Perhaps I'm
asking for feedback a little too early! I realize that the year is passing by
quickly and perhaps these ideas might not be useful until the next school year.
but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

If not this particular spreadsheet task, did any of the feedback prompt you to
try something different with technology in your classroom? We've be interested
to hear about it.

- Suzanne

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