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Discussion: Research Area
Topic: February 2003: Question 3

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Subject:   opinion gathering
Author: grc
Date: May 5 2003
Hi Alice,

You have suggested that Mathtools has the opportunity to gather feedback from a
lot of teachers, and although this may be true, right now there are only a
select group of teachers contributing ideas to the discussion boards.  Not only
that, I've the impression that you are all, at least most of you, very
high-end teachers.  I've looked all discussion contributors up on the Math
Forum pages and have found lengthy feedback and contributions from several of

If Mathtools wants to get feedback that will be representative, I think they
will need to greatly broaden their teacher-participation in these roundtables,
and in such a way that the participating teachers aren't hand-selected, which,
I believe, introduces heavy bias into the directions the discussions take and
the results that will be created by them.  

To sum up, I agree with you that large(r) numbers are needed.  They aren't there
now, and I would have no idea as to how to go about getting them in a way that
would be unbiased, i.e., from a nonhomogenous group of teachers, in this case, I
am suggesting that the group is homogenous in terms of being extraordinarily

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