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Discussion: Research Area
Topic: February 2003: Question 3

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Subject:   Gather data from more teachers
Author: Alice
Date: May 10 2003
Math tools is a little over one month old.  I believe that this forum is one of
the best ways to alert teachers to the fact that their voices can be heard.

 I speak at conventions
 (for math, tech,and gifted)
 about teachers gathering large group data.

At each of my presentations, where I demonstrate what my students have learned
sucessfully in the past year by using technology as one tool to foster higher
order thinking skills, I conclude with

"Now lets hear from you.
I think that most of you are doing something that works well in your classes.
Shouldn't we all have the chance to try it? Then we can evaluate our data and
draw our own conclusions. Then we can send our results to one place and gather
large group data."

In previous years, the Math Forum has been kind enough to set up a special url
for the participant responses.

This year when I speak, I will be able to mention the new math tools:)))

Hopefully others will talk about math tools too, and by word of mouth, it will
spread exponentially.

Then, Math Forum will sort and present the information that many teachers have
tried and found successful,  in usable form for us, by state standards, as
lesson plans, as they are doing now.

Happy One Month Birthday, Math Tools:))))

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