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Discussion: Research Area
Topic: connecting research and teaching

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Subject:   Math Education
Author: Alice
Date: May 10 2003
I aggree and disagree with Dave.

Remember, we are still pioneers in this technology age.

The math 4 schools site has a lot related to math education. It just needs to be
written into the lesson so everyone sees and uses it as such.

For example,look at
Plot Proof and Persuasion

Writing a convincing argument for something  needs to be compared with a
geometric proof after the argument has been written.

If a school can coordinate other disciplines, great.
But in either case, the project should have a geometry emphasis in the geometry
classroom. possibly with a different rubric.

What we need are projects with well scripted lessons....

I believe the motivating activity for the lesson should be the project. It
should require understanding of selected course standards to be able to execute
In this case, research and argue about the merits of some technology device.
The argument is the geometry proof, and more.

Let's perfect "Constructivist-Scripted instruction"
I think that's the intention of math tools.

I'd like to see us motivate with a project, get into small groups and compete,
friendly like, as intermural sports teams do.

In the best of all worlds, all students will be actively engaged on  following a
well scheduled script: writing their argument, doing research, or working with
the teacher in a small group to learn something not readily learned on their

Parts of the lesson will not require higher order thinking skills, although
putting it all together will.

What we need is to perfect the scripts.

I have found that with a motivating project,  one day per week or less, my
students learn more math in less time because they now care about the

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