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Discussion: Roundtable
Topic: Site Map Thoughts

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Subject:   Site Map Thoughts
Author: Suzanne
Date: Aug 6 2003

I've created this thread for folks to use to discuss the various topics lists
that can be viewed by going to the site map.

If you have an overall comment/question, please reply to this message. If you
have something to say about a site map for one of the specific courses, please
use the name of the course, for example, Math 7, in the "Subject" line of your
reply and then other folks with similar interests can reply to your thread and
we'll have it somewhat organized.

I'm looking forward to hearing your responses to:

1. Are there topics that you expected to see that haven't been included?
2. Are there topics in certain courses that seem out of place?
3. Will this organization be helpful to you (once we start really filling in the
resources, of course). If not, what would be preferable?

Thank you!

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